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The Cube

The inspiration for the cube in our design originates from our logo.
Essentially, it represents the foundational architecture of the customized products we offer. Our customers have the flexibility to construct a tailored VPN product with a specific architecture, and the cube symbolizes the possibilities they can create.
In the visual representation, we highlight the evolution from the logo to the design visual. 

A new brand language that captures the essence of P81 while adding a unique touch.

Perimeter 81
Internal Branding

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Printed Assets

Hiring Social Banners

The challenge was to maintain the company's identity while providing a  fresh look. Designing their story, what they build until today told in a cool and modern way that fits who they are and where they're headed.

The in-house brand design is all about "Cyber Chic".It's like a custom outfit, tailored just for the Perimeter 81 employees.As P81 moved into their new building, this design is a snapshot of theirjourney so far, with a big focus on them—the employees, what they've built.

Social Anniversary Post for Employees

For our internal branding effort, we wanted our employees to feel like they're part of the brand. So, I desgined a animated post of all the work anniversaries, and encouraged them to share and celebrate it themselves.

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