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A campaign celebrating Perimeter 81's unicorn status.
Valued at $1 billion, we achieved a rare milestone in the business world.





For the campaign highlighting Perimeter 81's unicorn status, we featured a unicorn illustration uniquely tailored to our design language and brand colors. This illustration became the company's profile picture on social media platforms and was prominently displayed on printed assets such as cookies and cakes for celebratory events. Additionally, it graced banners and various digital assets across digital platforms, including animated versions to captivate our audience online.

The Unicorn

On the left, you'll spot the unicorn I crafted using loads of tiny cubes, similar to our logo.
I pieced them together to form a cute 3D unicorn with a horn sitting on one of the cubes.
In the middle, watch as those cubes seamlessly transform into one sleek shape, incorporating the horn and a big cube to keep everything steady. And on the right you'll see the finished unicorn sporting our company colors. It's like our logo just got a magical makeover!

Icon Variations

Banner for Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook announcing out 1B evaluation

Social Banners

For the company celebration we printed out cookies, cakes, balloons and more..

Unicorn Branded Cookies

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