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Landing Pages and banners

Landing Pages


Gifted is a volunteer-matching website catering to both individuals and nonprofits.
I developed landing pages accommodating the unique needs
of each group. Volunteers can showcase their skills and availability, while nonprofits can list projects and volunteer needs. Despite the complexityof serving two distinct user groups, I ensured seamless navigation and mobile responsiveness for an intuitive user experience.

Branding A/B Test - Harmony SASE

In this A/B test, I assessed the impact of different logos using consistent copy and visuals. Each page featured the same content but with distinct color schemes, creating the appearance of different brand identities. This approach allowed for a comprehensive evaluation of visual elements, guiding our decision-making process to identify the most impactful logo.

Global Backbone Network

Developing the landing page for our primary offering,the "Global Backbone Network" posed several complexities. Alongside extensive content, the page incorporated multiple images and three unique diagrams, two of which featured animated elements. This intricate design aimed to engage visitors effectively while conveying the platform's featuresand benefits.

All Projects

Branding A/B Test - Check Point SASE

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