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My micro animations spice up social media posts and banners, adding a bit of movement to catch your eye and make things more interesting.
Whether it's showcasing products or sharing fun messages, they bring a lively vibe to different situations.

Micro Animations

All Projects

Traditional VPN to Cloud VPN

This post covers upgrading to Cloud VPN from traditional VPN. It encourages embracing the future of connectivity. The animation depicts a dull building transforming into a vibrant one with the new VPN, symbolizing the positive impact.

3,000 Customers

The post celebrates reaching 3000 customers in the cybersecurity journey.The post concludes with a display of logos representing their diverse customer base.

Say Goodbye to Latency

The post promotes high-speed solutions to eliminate latency in business, stressing speed's crucial role in competitiveness.The animation shows slow loading transforming into high-speed solutions, depicted by a loading bar becoming a globe with speed lines.

IT Work-life balance

The post discusses the challenges IT Admins face in maintaining work-life balance, with end-of-day problems often taking up their time. An animation contrasts a happy IT manager at home with good work-life balance and an unhappy one still at the office due to poor work-life balance.

Remote Work Security

The post covers network security for remote work, mentioning technologies like ZTNA, FWaaS, SWG, Malware Protection, and SDP. The animation shows a woman working in different places to highlight the importance of these practices.

G2 Summer Awards

The post celebrates 43 G2 Summer Awards.Notable awards include Fastest Implementation, Best Usability, and Leader for Enterprise. An animation creatively showcases the awards, featuring both the G2 and our logos.

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